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I love to hear from people, but do keep in mind that this is MY email, not Paul's and that I do not forward emails or provide any further contact information other than the agency address listed below

Paul Dinello
c/o John Huddle @ United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Reasons to email me:
You have pictures/video/interviews/etc that aren't on the site yet.
Comments/ feedback about the site (feel free to send comments, suggestions, questions, constructive criticism etc.).
Reporting any mistakes, errors or problems with the site (broken links, mislabeling etc).
General questions or comments about Paul or his projects.
To fight the ravages of loneliness/ just say hello.

Reasons NOT to email me:
Thinking I actually am Paul.
Asking me to forward things to Paul, how to get Paul to look at your project, how to work for/with Paul etc.


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