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Fan Photos Random Photoshoots
These are photos of fans posing with Paul or photos taken by fans at his various appearances. If you have photos, please send them to me with how you would like to be credited so they can be shared with everyone!
This is where everything that doesn't fit into a category goes. Including promotional pictures from Strangers With Candy (TV show and movie), random appearance, Second City pictures, etc

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Various posed/studio photographs.

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High-res Images

A kind donor has provided many fantastic high-res pictures of Paul from a variety of different events and photoshoots (Cinevegas premiere, Newfest premiere, Sundance photoshoot and party, NYC SWC premiere).

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All of the characters in the 2003 book Wigfield. There are B&W scans of Paul's characters and color images taken from Todd Oldham's portfolio website.

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These unfortunate images have been emblazoned with the "gettyimages" eyesore that sadly ruins some images.If you have any of these watermark free, please email me!

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Sundance Promotional
SWC Sundance Premiere
An anonymous person has put up some on-set and staged photographs of Exit 57. These are fantastic and it's great to see something from Exit 57 that is actually clear.
A group of wonderful promotional photographs of Paul, Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert that were taken during the 2005 premiere of the Strangers With Candy movie.

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The Sundance world premiere of the Strangers With Candy movie in Utah and the afterparty.

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SWC Premieres
SWC Newfest Premiere
SWC NYC Premiere
The Strangers With Candy movie was shown at several different film festivals. Included here are the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, Canada; Sundance, Cinevegas and some unknown.

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The premiere of the Strangers With Candy movie at the NewFest film festival (The NY LBGT Film Fest)

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The THINKfilm NYC premiere of "Strangers With Candy" and the afterparty in Dylan's Candy Bar.

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L.A. Daily News photoshoot
AFI Director's Screening
Daily Download at Fuse
An amazing photoshoot of Paul and Amy Sedaris goofing around. The pictures accompanied this lackluster article.

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Paul and Amy Sedaris made an appearance at the AFI screening of SWC. They did a Q&A session and signed autographs and posed with fans afterwards.

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Paul and Amy Sedaris appeared on "The Daily Download" on FUSE (a music channel) to promote the SWC movie. These are particularly great images of Paul. (If you have the video, let me know!)

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I Like You Party Tad at the Eagle Festival  

Paul was at the Bon Appetit and Warner Books Party for the release of Amy Sedaris' hospitality book I Like You, which he helped her write.

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Sharon over at and Sue from have both been kind enough to share exclusively with the site some high-res pictures of Paul filming the Eagle Festival Tad segment.





Strangers With Candy Strangers With Candy the movie SWC Deleted Scenes
An exhaustive screencaps archive of all the scenes in which Paul appears as everyone's favorite gay art teacher, Geoffrey Jellineck. Each episode is labeled with the number of images and has its own pop-up window.
Screencaps of Geoffrey Jellineck's big screen debut.
(If you are interested in the screencaps I made of Stephen Colbert in the movie, check out wonkyear)

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Instead of cutting other people's roles, Paul cut his scenes out of the movie first. So there are plenty of extra Geoffrey scenes to partake in, including the wonderful musical number, Atomic Car.

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Exit 57 Straight Talk How to be Popular

Exit 57 Screencaps
Screencaps of each Exit 57 episode that Paul appeared in. Each sketch has a link to a pop-up window. The quality of these are poor due to the low quality of the transfers available of Exit 57.

Paul had a tiny role in this Dolly Parton movie as Casey, an eager chauffeur driver.

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Paul knows how to treat a lady to a fun night out with the gang in this short film that spoofs the educational films of the 1950s. You can find more information at Shock Productions & view the movie here.

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Beyond the Door Shock Asylum Wheels of Fury

Paul plays a priest in the independent film "Beyond the Door". Stephen Colbert plays a doorman who helps him overcome his fear of doors. References to hotdogs and many facial expressions abound. You can find more information at Shock Productions

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Screencaps of Paul's role as Mr. Gaxton, a man who is very reluctant and angry despite his forced psychological help. Stephen Colbert plays Dr. Dewalt, who just wants to help. You can find more information at Shock Productions.

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Paul's role as Dusty Bits, a cowboy who helps Pepper Mills (Amy Sedaris) seek revenge on bad guy Colin Boils (Mitch Rouse), in this independent film he co-directed with his uncle, Dan Dinello. A lot of Strangers With Candy-like undertones and characterizations appear. You can find more information at Shock Productions.

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Plump Fiction The Late Late Show with Craigh Ferguson
Paul's role as Jimmy Nova in this parody movie. Behold the hideousness of the wig and crazy dancing. A video of the dancing can be found in this multimedia section. Courtesy of romanticizing

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Screencaps from the live performance of Wigfield from Los Angeles (I think). The performances by Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert and of course Paul, are included.

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Screencaps of Paul's appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. The video (with his daring tale of dog rescue can be seen in the multimedia section.

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Random Screencaps    
Screencaps of various videos, most of which can be seen over at multimedia.

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The Colbert Report
TCR Emergency Evacuation TCR Tad at the Auction TCR Tumblecizing

In his first appearance, Tad is given the task of doing an emergency evacuation of the Colbert Report studios and ends up getting trapped in the Colbunker. The video can be seen in the multimedia section.

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Tad is given the assignment of picking up an item at the Duke Cunningham Auction with $200. Stephen is disappointed with the result. The video can be seen in the multimedia section.

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Stephen finds out that Amy Sedaris tumbleciszes to keep in shape and reveals that he and his building manager,Tad, have been known to tumble too. They perform an impromptu routine together. The video can be seen in the multimedia section.

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TCR Not Gay & Business Meals TCR Colbert County part  1 TCR Colbert County part  2
4.03.06 & 7.19.06
Tad's two short appearances where Stephen makes him uncomfortable. "Remember to wear something loose". The videos can be seen in the multimedia section.

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In part one of this adventure, Tad is sent to Colbert County, Alabama, to find a place to set up the Stephen Colbert Museum. He stakes out the competition, the Helen Keller Museum, and is unimpressed. Images courtesy of Rokukitty

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In the second installment of Tad's adventure in Colbert County, the museum is officially opened. A parade is held and the masses enter the museum in a ruly manner and view a pre-recorded message by their fearless leader, Mr. Stephen Colbert.

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TCR Colbert County part 3  
In the final installment of this saga, Tad discovers that the townspeople of Colbert County have already abandoned their Truthy Leader for another-- Joe Scarborough. Their betrayal causes the museum to be closed in a ribbon stapling ceremony and Tad has to pack up and head out.
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Tad is given the assignment of finding a lady eagle to bring back to New York to entice Stephen Jr. to come home. He faces some difficulty when he realizes he's at an eagle watching event & they don't take kindly to him trying to bag an eagle. Stephen isn't pleased with his eagle replacement.
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Icons & Wallpaper
A plethora of Paul icons and desktop backgrounds created by me and other fans. They can be used on Livejournal and other forums. Be sure to give credit to the rightful creator if you decide to use them!



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