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'Candy' a delicious off-color comedy
The Daily Princetonian || by Amelia Salyers
November 30th, 2006
This is mostly a movie review, but Paul talks about having to cut his scenes in the movie, the inspiration after school specials provided & how directing is easier than acting.

Candy director finally makes the cut with DVD extras

Houston Chronicle || by Bruce Westbrook
November 22nd, 2006
Paul discusses how it was easiest to cut his scenes from the movie rather than his co-stars, the timeless nature of Strangers and the low box office numbers for the film.


'Strangers' satisfies your sweet tooth
The Daily Aztec || by Kim Swain
November 16th, 2006
A review of the Strangers With Candy movie with some quotes from Paul about staying true to the TV show, Geoffrey's misguided belief of fitting in with the students and the deleted scenes.


Candy film a sweet success for co-writer
The Daily Free Press || by Grace DeVouno
November 9th, 2006
A nice little article with quotes from Paul about the SWC movie and how he enjoys working with his colleagues Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert.


'Strangers With Candy' a colorful contrast to the mainstream
Spartan Daily || by By Lalee Sadighi
November 9th, 2006
A review of the Strangers With Candy movie with a couple of quotes from Paul thrown in where he talks about the directing process.


Strangers Talk Among Us
Long Beach Union Weekly || by Conor Izzett
November 6th, 2006
A wonderful interview with Paul (in a highly obscure publication). He talks about his favorite comedians, The Colbert Report and the state of humor today. As well as what his new projects are. A good interview, despite the egregious error of "Gerry" by the interviewer.


All For Colbert
Times Daily || by Bernie Delinski
October 5th, 2006
This article talks about the segment Paul filmed as Tad the Building Manager for The Colbert Report in Colbert County, Alabama. Tad goes on a mission to set up the Stephen Colbert museum and the whole town comes down complete with a parade, but sadly the museum shuts down after a couple of days.

'Candy' helmer all in for 'Mr. Burnout'
Variety || by Nicole LaPorte
August 14th, 2006
A brief article about Paul being choosen as the director of Mr. Burnout. Check out the PDF version of the article, it made the front page!


The Taste of Independence
Movienet || by Geoffrey Jellineck (a.k.a. Paul Dinello, director/co-writer/co-star of Strangers With Candy)
A really funny article written from the egotistic perspective of Mr. Jellineck. He discusses how he feels the indie movie world is more than ready for a cannibalistic tale in which Clive Owen will be eaten.


How do you choose your projects?
Back Stage East magazine
By Sarah Kuhn
August 10th, 2006

An interesting article with different directors and Paul talks about how he likes to create his own projects because it can be difficult for him to get behind someone else's project and how he's drawn to characters grounded in some sort of truth.

What would prompt you to bump an extra up to a speaking role?
Back Stage East magazine || By Sarah Kuhn
July 20th, 2006
A really interesting article with several directors where Paul talks about how he bumped up an extra in Strangers With Candy to have a small speaking part. He also talks about how his personal experience in that situation made him empathetic.


The writers and stars take the cult series to the big screen
Movieweb || By Steven Chupnick
July 10th, 2006
The writer seems to be utterly clueless about SWC, but the quotes from Paul and Amy make up for it. They talk about bringing back SWC, their favorites scene and Paul discusses the restraints they experienced while filming the movie versus the TV show.


Amy Sedaris Gets Up in Your Grill
New York Magazine || by Emily Nussbaum
July 10, 2006
This is mostly an article about Amy, but there are some great quotes from Paul and Stephen Colbert. It shows their interaction with one another as they are getting ready to shoot promotional spots for Comedy Central (the end result can be seen here)


Constructing a Comedy in Blank Verse
LA Daily News || By Evan Henerson
July 9th, 2006
Paul and Amy Sedaris discuss the problems getting the Strangers movie released as well as the after-school specials that SWC is based on. Fabulous pictures of Paul and Amy accompany the article [Higher res versions can be found in the images section]


Director Paul Dinello Talks About “Strangers”
Boca Raton News || by Skip Sheffield
Jul 7th, 2006
A brief interview that is slightly confusing for the Jerri Smart (?) reference and saying Paul is a New Jersey native. There is an interesting tidbit about how his mother's eclectic taste in movies influenced him and he talks about collaborating with Amy and Stephen.


She's Quite the Character
The Boston Globe || by Christopher Wallenberg
July 05, 2006
An article about Amy Sedaris, but it has a lot of great quotes from Paul talking about his longtime friend and her penchant for all types of entertaining.


Getting Pitchy
News & Tribune || by Ryan Pearson
July 3rd, 2006
A hilarious article in which Paul and Amy Sedaris were asked to give TV sitcom pitches. Paul's pitches include "The Surgery Movie", "Mr. Ed Pleads For His Life", "The Flying, Spying Nun", & "Wacky Neighbors and Cannibalism"


Sweet Post on Strangers with Candy
VIDEOGRAPHY.com || by Elina Shatkin
July 1, 2006
A very different and great article about the way that the Strangers With Candy movie was shot and edited. Paul talks about how filmmakers will manipulate emotions through clever editing and how he wanted to avoid that. He talks about the editing process and how he enjoyed being able to work from his home in NY state and have the freedom to work when he wanted to.


"Strangers With Candy" a sweet deal for three old friends
The Seattle Times || by Andy Spletzer
A short article about the Strangers movie. Paul talks about how after-school specials are ripe for mockery and the temporary music used in the movie.


How to Talk to Strangers with Candy
GreenCine || by Andy Spletzer
June 30, 2006
A two-part interview with Paul, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris after the Sundance showing of SWC. The second half is just Paul and focuses on the issues that arose with distributing the SWC movie as well as his career and upcoming plans.


June 28, 2006
An odd (but funny), succinct interview with Paul asking him about his influences and the process of getting an independent movie made.


Strangers with Candy director Paul Dinello
SuicideGirls || by Daniel Robert Epstein
Jun 27, 2006
A good Q&A session about The Strangers With Candy movie, including Jerri's racism, casting choices, the editing process, and Mr. Jellineck's hair. Paul's career and relationship with Stephen Colbert and association with the Colbert Report are discussed also.


Quick Stop Entertainment
June 30th, 2006
An interview actually conducted by someone who is a fan. Paul and Amy are asked about how to translate something based on after school TV into a movie. Paul talks about the biggest challenge was staying truthful and how "people were screaming for more Jellineck and Noblet, and we felt obligated to deliver." One of the best interviews from the SWC publicity in my opinion.


Blackfilm.com Interview
by Kara Warner
June 23, 2006
An interview with Paul and Amy Sedaris that has some really funny moments and a lot of fan-girl pandering, regardless of the fact that it is labeled "An Interview with Amy Sedaris and Pinello" on the website (I guess that's Paul's new codename) as well as the unforgivable misspelling of Raleigh as "Rawley".


'Strangers with Candy' finds funding with Explod-O-Pop plug
June 12, 2006
A cool little article where Paul talks about how David Letterman requested that his Expod-O-Pop popcorn be used somewhere in the SWC movie.


A Sitdown With "Strangers"
Amy and Paul are asked about what it was like working with their A-list cast and an interesting tidbit was brought up that the film was shot under the SAG Low Budget Affirmative Action agreement.


Filmmaker Magazine
A cute little blurb of what Paul learned as a first-time filmmaker. Get that man a down pillow!


Stranger Than Fiction!
Philadelphia Arts Writers || by Monica Pace
A cute interview where the interviewer talks about her dreams and Paul talks about how he looked to Jack Lemmon's characters as inspiration for Geoffrey Jellineck.


Stephen Colbert Sweetens The Deal With 'Strangers With Candy' Flick
Mtv News || By Larry Carroll
February 13th, 2006
There isn't much from Paul in this article. It is mostly about the troubles getting the Strangers With Candy movie released and getting back the old stars from the TV show.


GIANT magazine Fashion Special
August/September 2005
A two-page photoshoot with Paul and a brief survey-like interview


Sedaratives: A Monthly Advice Column
May 2005- October 2006
Amy Sedaris started writing an advice column for Believer magazine, but she has said that Paul ended up ghost writing most of them. These are all the ones that were posted on the Believer website, but are not the complete ones that ran in the magazine. If you have the complete articles, please email me!


10 Director's to Watch
Daily Variety || by Addie Morfoot
January 19, 2005
Paul was listed first in the print version of this article. He talks about how his improv work helped prepare him for his directorial debut of a full length feature and how he would like to continue to direct in the future. There are also "vital stats" about Paul that has a really interesting tidbit about the "film that changed his life".


Interview with the cast of Strangers With Candy at Sundance 2006
Planet Out Entertainment || by Jenny Stewart
January 2005
An interview with Paul, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris about the SWC movie as well as a fun-filled game of "Who Would You Do?" about classic TV stars.


Strangers With Candy: Changing the Wallpaper in the Kitchen
September 3, 2004
A short article mostly with Amy Sedaris about staying true to Strangers roots. Paul talks about how Jerri is like "mildew" and how it felt natural to show Jerri in jail.


Thank You Notes
The New York Times
February 15, 2004
A very funny article featuring Paul and Stephen Colbert amongst other comedians/writers. They write their version of Oscar night thank yous. It kind of defeats the purpose of this article, but I'm not entirely positive which one Paul wrote, I think the one about Renee Zellweger.


Nest Magazine || by Paul Dinello
Winter 2003-2004
A funny article written as a Geoffrey-esque Ted, who writes his ex-lover to display to him how stodgy his decorating style is and how he should try and liven it up like a famous music icon's estate. Photographs by Todd Oldham


‘Strangers With Candy’ clan bring quirky ‘Wigfield’ town to life
Gay & Lesbian Times || by Tim Parks
The trio talks about how their work is a collaborative effort and how it was to take Wigfield from a book to a live performance. There is a nice quote from Paul about how Geoffrey humor isn't because he is gay.


Town without pity
San Francisco Bay Guardian || by Johny Ray Huston
July 30th, 2003
Paul and Amy are asked about the world of Wigfield, including why Raven has such hairy arms and if Mayor Halstead has a brand preference pertaining to his fudge.


Flipping Their 'Wigfield', Comedy Central crew gives life to quirky town
The Daily News of Los Angeles || by Evan Henerson
July 28, 2003
Paul talks about the backstory of getting Wigfield published and how their pitch was improvised on the spot. He explains how the character Russell Hokes allowed them a lot of freedom in filling in their 50,000 word quota.


Bay Windows || by Robert Nesti
June 12, 2003
Paul talks about their "fooled them again" mentality for when their projects get picked up. Stephen discusses the real-life inspiration for Wigfield


An Army of None
SPIN magazine
June 2003
An article written by Paul and Stephen Colbert for SPIN magazine from the perspective of Russell Hokes, the narrator from Wigfield.


Amy, Paul and Stephen Get Wiggy
The Washington Post || by Dan Via
June 6, 2003
A short interview where Paul talks about how the trio discovered their same sensibility while touring with Second City and how they use their background to write together.


New book and play "Wigfield"
National Public Radio (NPR)
May 31, 2003
A transcript of the NPR interview and performance of Wigfield. They talk about their history and meeting at Second City and how Wigfield came to be. The audio can be heard here.


Wacky, tacky Wigfield
NY Daily News || by By Celia McGee
May 23rd, 2003
A short article about the trio and Wigfield. It features a tiny picture I wish was bigger.


'Candy' was dandy but 'Wigfield' is weirder; Second City alums bring a dead-end town's sleazy citizens to life
Chicago Tribune || by Chad Schlegel
April 30th, 2003
A fairly random short interview that talks about Wigfield, their past at Second City and their impending deal for the Strangers With Candy movie.


Wigging Out
The Chicago Sun-Times || by Darel Jevens
April 27, 2003
A pretty thorough history of Paul, Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert's history at Second City up into their collaboration for SWC and how Wigfield came to be.


'Daily Show' meets Second City in 'Wigfield' tour
By Nina Metz || Chicago Tribune
April 27, 2003
Fairly light on quotes/discussion of Paul, but there is the mention that Paul is "the most handsome person to come out of 43 years of Second City," according to Second City senior associate producer Beth Kligerman.


Sedaris and pals bring 'Wigfield' from page to stage
BAY AREA LIVING || By Chad Jones
Paul talks about the process for how Wigfield came to be and how they panicked at their word count. He talks abut how the photoshoot for the character with Todd Oldham .


Amy Sedaris Wigs Out
Entertainment Weekly
January 24th, 2003
A fun short article about how Wigfield was pitched. The trio are out to lunch and are laminating their certificates of completion & riffing off each other.


Strangers Q&A
Daily Northwestern || by Seth Porges
November 11th, 2001
A very interesting interview with Paul where he talks about his 4 independent short films, his influences, and comedy. It seems to have been done via email so Paul's answers are fairly short. The kid asking the questions has a difficult time arriving at a point, but Paul's answers are really amusing regardless.



Transcript from an online chat
June 12th, 2000
A chat comedy central held when SWC was still on the air. They talk about their writing process and history together. A fun read.


'Strangers With Candy': Lessons in laughing
South Coast Today || by Frazier Moore
A brief interview about how their sense of humor isn't typical and about how Jerri maintains her innocence, regardless of her rough life.


Everyone loves a Cheerleader
October 26th, 1999
A very brief article from the gay publication, Advocate, about how the movie But I'm a Cheerleader and Strangers With Candy deals with gay issues. There's a funny quote from Paul about Mr. Jellineck's upcoming problems in the series.


Now This Is a Superhighway
The New York Times || by Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello
October 25, 1997
A wonderful funny article by Paul and Stephen. They talk about how the world needs super sonic rocket powered cars. The possibilities are endless and provide a safer ride than an airplane because there is no chance of plummeting. The technicalities are discussed about how it would be feasible and toll roads are suggested.


Chicago Actors Create Laughs In a TV Void;  'Exit' to Nowhere
Chicago Sun-Times || by Ernest Tucker
September 21, 1995, 
An article about the origins of Exit 57. Paul talks about how there was no real definition for what Exit 57 was about and the concept was constantly developing. He and Stephen talk about how they hated each other when they first met :)


Second City Tidbits
I found several articles mentioning Paul during his Second City days. They were mostly snippets so I have collected them all here with the month and year. It seems Paul was up for an award for his performance!



if you have any articles not listed here (especially if it's Paul solo), please send them to me!



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